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Since she was little, Mariele has always been interested and involved in music and storytelling, being steeped in the many traditions, stories and songs from her childhood in the hills of the Bergische Land (“mountain country”) in the far west of Germany.

During her first year of school, her parents were advised to let her "pick up an instrument" as a form of "keeping her mind active", due to her boredom during class (which led to her playing the traverse flute). Around the same time, she also fell in love with "Old American" tap dance and the English language, learning both aside from school.

Throughout the rest of her child & teenagehood she also learned the drums, the piano, the guitar and the banjo, some of them autodidactically. 

After her A-Levels, she studied drama and musical theatre at the "Musical Arts -Academy of the Performing Arts" in Mainz, Germany, adding a lot of new experiences to her already active stage career, and graduated successfully in 2020.

All the while she has written songs, poems, the odd prose, choreographed tap dance routines and immersed herself in any sort of creative outlet.

In late 2021 she decided to go to the UK, a place that has always felt very much like home, to pursue her separate careers in both music and acting. 

Some of her songs have been broadcasted via Sam Lee’s Nest Collective “Singing With Nightingales” in April 2021 & 2022. She has supported Indie-Folk 

artist Fran Lusty and plays many live music venues in and around London, as well as in and around Cologne, Germany.


Her debut single "The Long Song Of Mary Green" came out on 03/03/2023.

The following single "The Queen Of Wands" came out on 17/04/2023.

Mariele recently announced that her third singe "Autumnal Red", a post-traumatic song which landed on 22/06/2023.

On September 21st 2023 "Farewell And Its Fate", her fourth and final single before her debut EP, was released.

All of her music has been received very well in all corners of the music industry and beyond, with a constant growth of listeners and audience members, and is being played frequently on independent radio stations e.g. in the UK, the USA.

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